Meet The Team

The Student Services Department at York Early College Academy is available to help address your questions and concerns throughout the academic school year.
Please review the information below to determine which Student Services Department team member will be able to help you based on your question/concern.
Ms. Davis
Role: School Social Worker
How can this person help? Ms. Davis works closely with our 6th and 7th-grade students to help them become assimilated to YECA. She meets with students, grades 6-12, for individual counseling and group counseling.
Mr. Gross
Role: Dean
How can this person help? Mr. Gross works with students grades 6-12 to promote good attendance rates, ensure school safety, and prevent campus violence. He works with and trains YECA peer mediators to be proficient in conflict resolution. He is YECA's Respect for All liaison. 
Mr. Jacob
Role: School Counselor

How can this person help? Mr. Jacob works with the 8th and 9th-grade students. He assists 8th-grade students with the high school application. He runs high school applications workshops for 8th-grade families. Mr. Jacob assists 9th-grade students to assimilate to life as a high school student. He stays in constant communication with the 9th-grade teacher team to ensure student's academic success.
Ms. Evripiotis
Role: School Counselor

How can this person help? Ms. Evripiotis is our 10th and 11th-grade school counselor. She focuses on attendance records, transcript reviews, and college/career readiness. She works closely with the 10th-grade teacher team to ensure students are on the right path for academic success. She facilitates Junior Advisory, where 11th-grade students explore different career options and connect them to colleges that will help them achieve their goals. Ms. Evripiotis is also our Senior Events Coordinator, she ensures our 12th-grade students have the fun they deserve as seniors!