Sword & Shield (My Brothers Keeper)

Sword and Shield is a club dedicated to supporting the young men of YECA in an out of the classroom. The group’s goal is to cultivate school and community leaders, helping members support and mentor each other as well as their younger peers. Sword and Shield is the YECA chapter of My Brother’s Keeper. http://www.nysed.gov/mbk/my-brothers-keeper
For more information you can contact the club organizers; Mr Philips [email protected] & Mr Habart [email protected].   
Student testimonials:

Sword and shield is a way to help lower classmen with struggles that they are going through, whether it relates to school or with things going on at home. We give advice and help each other. We also help tutor those who struggle academically.” – Dario Garcia

“Sword and shield means all men coming together and talking about personal problems they have in life or school, also means to be dedicated to work hard to pass and go to college and be successful…” – Khamani Jack

“Sword and shield to me is a place where i can learn to focus in on the issues I’m having in my classes and school. This includes learning strategies to help me with studying and balancing my time between classes and test strategies.” - Dakota Lopez

“Sword and Shield is a program that allows for a group of young adult males to communicate about their everyday experiences in school and in general to help each other grow and develop.” Billy Lopez

“Sword and shield to me is a place where the males in our school come for collective criticism, for the better of oneself. It is a place for me to hang out with friends, to point out what we do wrong and how do we fix these problems. To me I like the ideals of sword and shield.” – Dylan Persuad

“In the club I have seen that I am not the only one that suffers with my grades and homework. It has helped me learn new strategies to overcome challenges doing my work.” – Pedro Gomez

“To me Sword and Shield is a place where I can share and gain techniques from and with others, about struggles with all go through such as organization and time management.” – Derrek Moore

“Support with organization and time management.” – Aaron Mangar

“To me Sword and Shield is something that can help give advice to people and help people with any issues someone might be facing during the marking periods, such as how to manage the workload of high school.” – David Marcelin